Transport cars for dealerships

Dealership to client transport services. Dealership to residential areas is a common practice in our business. Transporting cars for dealerships is an auto transport service we provide to transport your vehicles swiftly and at a cost-effective price. Cars are picked up and delivered safely and securely using one of our approved auto transport carriers.

Veneto Auto Group is a nationwide Broker/Carrier Company. We can assure our Clients we meet all the requirements for transporting vehicles all over the U.S. Veneto Auto Group is a one-stop shop. You will have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is being transported by a fully insured FMCSA Licensed and Bonded Company.

We are a serviced based company who is driven to provide safe and reliable vehicle transportation. With highly professional drivers with over 8 years of experience who are dedicated to deliver.

Our objective is to focus on customer goals and build long-lasting genuine relationships. Any Questions or concerns are addressed promptly

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