Our rates are based on several different factors:
size of the vehicle (weight/length)
distance of the route (distance/terrain)
type of trailer service You require (open/enclosed)
Flexibility on the date. The more time we have the better the price You get.
Discounted service for military/government personnel and student!

Timing is one of the factors that determine the price of our service. In general, a two-week notice is more than enough in most cases. However, if You are shipping a big pickup truck or a high-value vehicle assigning a carrier might take a little while. Also, it very much depends on the area You are shipping Your vehicle from.

At the pickup location driver will do an inspection of the vehicle. To make sure we have all the proof we use an electronic transport management service. We will store and provide You with pictures of Your vehicle at the pick-up and delivery locations.
You will want to remove any valuable items from your vehicle. The insurance policy does not cover personal items left in the vehicle.

We offer door-to-door transport service. We will pick up and deliver the vehicle to your door anywhere in the United States. While we do not require you to drop off or pick up from a terminal, in certain situations we may request to be met in a nearby location.

We do require someone to be present for the pickup and delivery process. Either you or someone you designate is required to be present to sign the Bill of Lading and observe our driver’s vehicle inspection. Once the inspection is complete and the Bill of Lading is signed, you may leave.
In some cases, it is possible to get the vehicle transported without an attendant.

All pre-existing damage to your vehicle will be noted prior to your car being loaded. If there are any pre-existing conditions, please let us know ahead of time. The same inspection will be repeated upon delivery. The Bill of Lading will outline all inspection findings. If any damage is present upon delivery that was not there during pickup, the driver will either fix the problem or reimburse you for the damages. However, we operate under a high standard of quality and damages are not common.

We do not collect any funds upfront. Our deposit is due on the day the carrier picks up your vehicle. We accept many forms of payment, all major credit cards included for the deposit. The remaining balance needs to be paid to the carrier at delivery in either cash, cashier's check, or money order.

Vehicle transportation is usually stress-free when it has been prepared for the right way.
There are success stories of a vehicle being picked up the same day. Common practice shows that at least two-day notice is required. This way we can arrange everything and meet the terms and agreements.

It has been learned that an accurate ETA is a myth. However, the calculation of time in transit does exist. Usually, a driver makes around 500-600 miles per day.
We would advise and have Your phone next to You and when the given date comes close the driver will call You 24h and 2h prior to his planned arrival.

Thanks to our TMS system we can provide You with a tracking link, pictures, and inspection sheet!

Naturally, delays are a possibility. The most typical reasons for a delivery delay are weather, traffic, and problems with the carrier truck. However, even though we cannot control these factors, we work very hard to keep you updated on the situation and deliver your car as promptly as possible.

Absolutely! Your vehicle will be fully insured throughout the entire shipping process. If a claim must be filed, there are no additional charges to you. Our driver will cover the deductible in the case of an insurance claim.

The insurance policy will cover your car from the time of pickup, until delivery. It will cover any damage done to your vehicle, such as dings, dents, scratches, damage from loading or unloading the vehicle, and any damage that happens during transport.

We offer open trailer transport and enclosed trailer transport services.

Open trailer service is the most common and price-friendly service. Generally, it works just fine for vehicle transport. However, in certain cases, an enclosed transport vehicle may be needed, such as with specialty vehicles or vehicles worth $100,000 or more. While open trailer service is generally a very safe method of vehicle transportation, enclosed transport can be chosen for extra precaution.

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