Personal items inside of a car while in transit

Weight limit and why it’s important

Car transport business can be looked at from many different perspectives and one of them is security of Your items while in transit. This is especially important for people that are relocating for many different reasons. There is an unwritten rule in car hauling business – items left inside a car while in transit cannot exceed 100lbs.

Safety and regulations for commercial trucks

Carriers count every single pound whenever they are booking vehicles. This is due to FMCSA and DOT regulations that limit gross weight to 20,000 pounds on a single axle, and 34,000 pounds on a tandem axle group or a total of 80,000 pounds. However, some drivers are limited by their driver's license and cannot exceed 26000 pounds. Knowing that, they are constantly monitoring their cargo weight.

Using vehicle as a container

Through the years of practice in car transportation business we have come across some comical situations. Customers relocating cross country sometimes use their vehicles as shipping containers. This is unacceptable for so many reasons. Vehicles that are being transported with an open trailer are visible and so are the items inside the vehicle and will possibly attract thieves. All items must be recorded on a BOL in case of a theft.

A few items are OK however carrier must be informed about the intent of leaving personal items inside Your vehicle. Make sure that items are not of great value and that the driver has marked them down on his inspection sheet.

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