Car Transportation for College Students

Dear Students!

Congratulations on completing another difficult Year. The future belongs to those who prepare for it.

As much as we would like the Summer of 2023 to last for eternity, students are about to start preparing for their trip to the College Campus!
Relocating/moving is stressful. God forbid, You forgot Your favourite pyjamas. There is one more thing that a lot of students will take with them and that is their car!

One of the ways to get the car to the Campus is to take a road trip with all their belongings in it. And even though it might seem romantic, as Jack Kerouac portrays in his famous book 'On the Road'. Dangers EnRoute are very real and can be traumatic, even disastrous.

Transporting Your car with Veneto Auto Group will take away lengthy driving hours and the risk of getting into an accident, road rage situations, flat tire, and many more things that You might encounter while on the road. This is the safest way!

Your car will be picked up at provided address. If it's too tight, You and the driver would communicate a pick-up address on the go. Usually, a shopping center parking lot or a wide road works.

We understand, that there are things that You need to take with You. However, we can only approve up to 100 lbs. of personal belongings in the trunk of Your vehicle. 100 lbs. are Free! Try not to leave valuable items visible. It might attract guys with sticky fingers.

We offer students Open-Air Car Transportation Services. It’s the cheapest way to get the job done. Your vehicle will be hauled by our vetted partners. We will provide You with an electronic inspection sheet and tracking link. You will have 24h notice before arrival.

To determine the price, we really need You to provide us with information. There are a lot of factors that might save You money. It's a safe and secure way to transport a vehicle, yet it won't break your college budget.

Veneto Auto Group Team is here to help and provide students nationwide with a discounted service. All we need is for You to provide a college Campus as the delivery address to apply the discount.

It is always better to ask. So go ahead and get a quote for vehicle transportation with Veneto Auto Group!

'But all the crazy things that were going to happen began then. It would mix up all my friends, and all I had left of my family, in a big dust cloud over the American Night.' -Jack Kerouac

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